Now that I’m much older I can be really playing little kid games of the toys I use to play with.

But I know something I will always be able to play with and that is my PlayStation3.

I have gotten so many games for it, and yet me and my best friend still don’t have any games to play when we get home from working at And whenever I’m home bored or the weather is too bad to be going out, what’s always been there is my PlayStation3.

I have a guy that works at Austin Locksmith from as a friends on my PS3 online, and we play after his shift doing Austin locksmith.

But then one day I got home from a long day at work and just wanted to watch a movie while I have dinner, and when I turned on the PlayStation3 I see a yellow line right in the middle on the screen. While I play PS3 I like to drink matcha tea from to calm my self down when i get stressed out on a game.

What made me feel even worst and made my day get even worst was when I went to look up what’s the problem with it and how to remove the yellow line; At massage Miami they have a play area for kids and when I went to pck up my child I noticed that they were dealing with the yellow light across the screen it says that it’s called a yellow line of death. Seeing the yellow light on my PS3 is like finding out that is closed just a horrible feeling because they are the best at locksmith fort lauderdale. And as soon as I read that I knew I had lost PlayStation3 completely.

The more I read the worst it got too because it’s mostly said that there was no way to fix it and that the best solution was to just buy a new one.

Since i like playing my PS3 in complete darkness, I had blinds make me some blackout shades.

When you see the yellow light of death, that I really hope you don’t because of us love our game system more then we really should, just relax and do what I’m currently doing and that’s still looking for a solution. My roommate Ps3 broke while he was working at Quick locksmith service, and i had to call him there to give him the bad news.  Because I’m sure that Sony won’t just make a product and not have an answer to everything.

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Well it will happens to all of us sooner or later, the yellow light of death on the our PS3. If you can’t fix it then I recommend you just get a new one and place custom aluminum extrusions all around the ps3 in order to keep it cool. Its something that just happens with out warning, but believe it or not but it’s happening because it wants to help us out.

One of the reasons why the yellow light comes out is because your counsel is heating up and needs to be cools down, so it basically works like a warning light like if it was your car. The other reason that it could be is that it has an internal hardware failure that you will need to take it to professional for repair. when you fix your yellow light like did to the one in the office you will feel better then ever.
Alright no matter what the problem is, the first thing you should is turn off the PS3 and let it cool off. You should have it turned off and left alone for at least a whole day. To get a great surprise for your window treatments go to, and Also you can get blackout roller shades at, and On this site you can get the different type of blinds sold throughout another site you might visit. So before going to another site make sure to look at all the blinds they have.   Then we need to find out which problem it is, the way to know if it’s the first one is being just feeling it and finding out if it get really hot. the PS3 that they have in the lobby of got the yellow light a couple of weeks ago.

Just turn it on for a hour or some what and if it gets extremely hot that’s your problem and to fix that just let it cool down for a day or even two if you can go that long without playing. One of my online partners on the new call of duty is James from, but he messed up his xbox when he took it to work at best locksmith in kansas city. To find out if it’s the other option, that’s going to be simple, if it’s not hot and the line still comes out, or if after a while it just turns off the whole system. Since my Xbox broke i actually started cleaning my house and that’s when I decided to get new awnings from which helped me alot. And if that happens I’m sorry to say that you will need to take it to a professional or get a brand new one.

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Say you sold a product and you know that after a while that it while get a defect in it, will you still sell it? I also got some nice blackout shades from blinds which allows me to play my ps3 without any glare! Well that’s basically what Sony is doing when they sell us the PS3. The defect I’m talking about is the famous “yellow light of death” that comes out on your system after a while.

So what I have a problem with is that if you know that’s its going to have a problem with it why now just fix it. And it’s something that is not just happening on the old system it’s on the new ones too! So why don’t they just fix it?

Theirs is too reason why that line comes out, one is that it gets over heated and the second reason is because of a internal problem. Both of those things is something that they should be able to fix without a problem because the over heating problem then can install a bigger fan or something to cool it down. I was playing my PS3 while bamboo blinds and shades from installed my blinds and the yellow light came out of no where on it, so I had to get new solar sun shades to protect it better. For better quality blinds visit and another great source is where you can learn more. For more on verticals go to and these two links at and For more motorized go to and here at and at this site.   And the internal problem they should really be able to do that since they were the ones that build it.

I just don’t like spending money and paying people a lot of money to not do their job right. To make a ps3 is not easy so you have to be pretty smart to make one, so why don’t they put all their heads to together and fix this problem. Which reminds me of the other day when I got locked out of my home and had to call a locksmith in miami to come help me in into my own home! So Sony you guys really need to pick up the slack and fix this problem, because sooner or later something new will come out and you guys will lose a lot of customers because we don’t want to deal with this anymore.

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